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Saturday, 29 July 2006
Monday: First Sunrise
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Topic: Colorado Trip 2006

Monday is my first day getting up at 4:30, wasn't too hard, since I was so excited!

The town is almost dead at this hour!  If I made a wrong turn, it was easy to get back on track with no traffic at all!  This "early to rise" thing could work out well!

Today I had a ranger walk at Upper Beaver Meadows at 7:00.  I get there before 5:30, put my pack against a fence, and watch the sun come up.  It was beautiful!  A hummingbird came 5 feet from my face, as if to say "You're not a flower!"  Then everybody shows up for the Ranger Walk.  We're going birdwatching today!  We had 16 of us today, and they were all better than me!  With so many eyes, we didn't miss much, and the ranger taught us a lot of neat stuff.  Sadly, one bird kind of ruined things.  We could hear a red-tailed hawk calling all morning, and the ranger said this was probably scaring a lot of birds away.

After birdwatching, I walked around Sprague Lake and Moraine Park, and checked out the Moraine Park Museum, and bought some souvenirs.

Walking around Sprague Lake, and who do I meet but the Yocom family from Cozad!!!  The ladies were here anyway, didn't ask where the guys were, probably golfing?

Then I went back to town for some Geocaching, some near the Stanley Hotel, which was a neat place.

I'd seen an ad for a burger place called Penelope's, and it was very good!
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