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Sunday, 30 July 2006
Wednesday: The pretty day
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Topic: Colorado Trip 2006

My dayhiker's guide helped me many times, too bad it didn't warn me about the back way down from Gem Lake!

There was a geocache I wanted to grab at Bierstadt Lake, but the book had a great idea:  Bear Lake is pretty high, so start any hikes in the area there, and you will not have to climb as much.  It was exactly right for Bierstadt Lake.

I'm in the park at 5 again, and this is my first drive to Bear Lake, after riding the bus Sunday.  I walk around to the west side of the lake to watch the sunrise.  BEAUTIFUL!!  I must have taken 20 pictures, it was so pretty.  I found an L-shaped rock, put my pack behind my back, and a towel behind my head.  It made a perfect reclining chair to watch the sun, it was very comfortable!  One other couple walked out the same time as me, but I was completely alone for the show.  This is a very busy place most of the time, but not right now!

The rising sun must have woken up a duck near me, as he quacked furiously for a minute or so, then was quiet from then on.  He swam right over to me, and foraged for food right below my feet for five minutes or so.  Very cute!

After sunrise, I made my way to Bierstadt.  I would start the same way tomorrow, and marked the cutoff with my GPS so I wouldn't miss it in the dark Thursday morning.

The climb up to the lake was pretty easy, much easier than yesterday!!  Bierstadt lake was pretty, of course, but how many pretty lakes can you see before they all start to run together??

Grabbed my geocache, the guy wanted me to doctor a certain sign, and make it funny.  I hammed it up a bit to earn my point!

Walked about 500 feet from the lake, and WOW!!  A sharp drop and several switchbacks down to the trailhead!  I am so glad the book told me to come from Bear Lake, or I would have had to hike up that hill!

Head back to town early, get a lot of geocaches done today.  One is at the top of prospect mountain, which overlooks Estes Park, but this one is different.  1, there is a tram ride that takes you to the top, a lot easier than hiking!  2, there is a deli and gift shop up there, so I have a sandwich at a window that looks down over the city, and buy some more souvenirs.
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